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A look to the SRS concept BMW

A 1987 BMW shell found behind a Canadian barn across the United State border's in October 2013. The shell was a 325 regard the VIN numbers, a Canadian version of the better knows 325es. The plan was to build a cheap drift car and help designing parts for everyone who own an E30 on the globe with no source for drift application parts.

After several crash and month of fabrication, there is few shots of the final result.

The 2.7L engine was removed to install a fresh engine directly from Japan. The SR20DET choose for this build is a S13 black top from a 1998 Type-x 180sx. The factory ecu was replaced by a complete standalone from AEM. This EMS-4 was installed un MAP mode to remove the restrictive OEM SR mass aire flow sensor. The injectors was changed for new Jecs (NISMO) 740cc. The rest of the engine was kept ''stock'' to keep drifting fun by not breaking everything at each drift day's and keep the cost low ''as possible''. Nissan recommend 20w50 mineral oil's on their SR20 engine's in hot climates or in abusing conditions so we filled it of SAE 50 racing only mineral oil combined to an oil cooler and a filter relocator to make maintenance easier. This machine can now handle most of the abuse possible on a drift track.

Many of the parts on this BMW are custom made and original, most of them are prototype of purchase available parts or testing for futures parts. The first experimental parts is the 5 lugs adapter kit. To adapt a complete front knuckles assembly from a E36 or a E36 M3. We pushing the front wheels to the maximum of the space available. For the rear, we start with a swap of a normal 318ti trailing arms set. The offset is different and the calipers are hard to find in good shape so we start to designing the perfect 5 lugs swap for the rear too ! In addition to our new adapter, we obtain a low cost and performing kit with easy to find parts. The offset is practically the same as the original 4 lugs E30 and we can keep the original cable parking brakes.
After breaking 2 differential covers, we start to designing our own design for better cooling and to be practically unbreakable. When we fall off the race track with a lowered car, the first thing who gonna touching the ground was the differential fine so the M3 unit is not an reliable option because we will explode the finned section every time.
An other restriction is the non-removable front end. This do not let you make little maintenance easily. We cut the front to re-make it but after a little crash, in fact the front is designed to shrink easily when you have a frontal crash. But in drift, crash happen and we can't put the car in the garbage each time we touch something.
We designed an easy the do and re-do removable front end for the E30. Changing the turbo or the clutch is never been this easy !

To be continued...

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