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Design / Manufacturing

Located in Quebec, SRS concept is a global leader in terms of efficiency. With regard to the practical application of the parts designed and / or manufactured here, the process must be carefully chosen according to its application. Careful choice is important to quality and function. These factors must all be taken into account in order to obtain the parts best suited to their use.

SRS concept offers computer-aided design and machining services throughout the world.

The CAD offers several types of significant benefits.
The visualization and quick checking of a prototype before its manufacture saves time and money.
Tangible improvement of the part (s) according to its long term use and its environment.
Creation of clear and precise technical drawings, can contribute to a rapid and efficient manufacture. That will have immediate effect, lower costs.

The machining is carried out according to the design. Milling, turning, cutting, stamping and bending are the most commonly used among many available processes. Whether by digital control (CNC) or conventional, we can manufacture as soon as possible.

For any quote please contact us by phone or send us your details and information about your project by email here.

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