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E36/E46 Twin caliper adapter kit instructions

This job is plenty easy to do, when you have a minimum of handcraft skills and tools. We recommend you to get these plates installed by a professional to insure you get a good and safe job.

Some parts will be required for this.

  • You need to route an hard line from your handbrake. So it included that you need to source some brake line.
  • Of course, you will need an other set of calipers. You will need the same model of calipers you actually have on your car. So if you have a 328i, you will need 328i calipers. That's for adapt perfectly to your rotors because BMW have many different size of rotors for the same chassis model. In case you have a big brake, you will need to source the same kit to get the same height and the right inside clearance for the thickness of the rotors.
  • And a good set of brake pads

There is few steps to achieve this job.

1- Remove paint/coating/grease for where you gonna weld the new parts with a simple sandblaster or just a brush grinder.

2- Bolt the plates to your new calipers.

3- Cut the dust shield to get enough space for the calipers to be on the rotors. *Note: You don't have to remove your parking brakes.

4- Verify the position and the height of the calipers on the rotors. You can take a look at your original calipers to give you a good idea about how much clearance you need in the height to not touching the rotors. **Take note that the mark shown on the picture represent the higher side of the bracket.

4.1- You probably seen the little spikes under the plates ? They are for the adjustment purpose. You have to grind it to obtain the right height. BMW have different version of their rear knuckles casting and this difference creating a gap that can be between 0 and 3mm. The spikes are designed expressly for this. Example: the front of the caliper carrier is perfect but the rear is 1mm too high. Remove 1mm of the rear spike. Now you just get the perfect height, go to the next step.

5- Spot weld your parts in some points to avoid it to move from the good position you just obtain while you remove all the parts to get more room for welding everything correctly.

6- Weld it completely all around.

7- Paint it.

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