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E30 Rear 5 lugs Conversion Installation

Some of you asking if this conversion can be done easily. So we decide to make a step by step installation on an home garage, like most of you doing this conversion by yourself on simple jack stands.

Few tools and parts are required in addition to this conversion kit.


  • 2 rear E46 rotors ( see the compatible models here )
  • 2 rear E46 calipers and pads ( see the compatible models here )
  • 2 front E30 brake line ( longer hoses are required to reach the calipers )
  • 1 E30 brake pads wear sensor ( if yours is still not good and if you still want this option )
  • 2 E30 wheel bearings ( If you want to change them by the same way )


  • Manual bearing press set
  • Bearing separator

Needed parts & tools

Prior this conversion, few parts and tools are needed if you plan to do it by yourself. A listing of the parts and on what model they come from is shown on the conversion kit page. For the DIY tools, a manual bearing press is required for removing the old bearing ( if you change it ), you can source a kit locally or on the internet for under 80$. Plus for removing the hubs easily, a bearing separator really help for removing the hubs from the bearings.

4 lugs

Now you put the car on jack stands and removed the wheels, you are ready to begin !

Remove the brakes

Now you have to remove the rotors, axle nuts, calipers and hoses ( install a oil pan under the trailing arm to not let the brake oil leaking on the ground ).

Remove the hubs

Now removing the 4 lugs hubs. Remove the parking brake shoes. And using the hub separator to help pushing the hubs with the lug nut directly. Screw the nuts gently ( with lube ), until the hubs fall off the bearings.

Remove the axles

Unbolt the axles, 6x 8mm hex drive socket head cap screws each side. Drop the axles and slide them off the trailing arms.

Removing the old bearings

Using the manual bearing press, pull the old bearings off.

Install the new bearings

Using the bearing press again, press the new bearing in place ( you may have to do it in 2 step because the threaded rod of the press is may not be long enough ).

Install the 5 lug hubs

Install the new 5 lugs hubs using the bearing press again.

Install the axles

Install the axles back in place, by inserting the splines in the hubs first. Then install the differential side and bolt them in place.

Cut the dust guards

Now time to trim the dust guards a little to accept the new calipers position. By aligning the parts on the mounting holes, you can draw a line to show where to cut. Be careful to not cut the smaller round shape, because the parking brake need that shape to work properly.

Bend the dust guards

Now we have to bend a little the dust guards, the new rotor size with touch the guard edges. We only push them a little by hands, these guards are really soft so no special tools is required. You can see the before/after.

Install rotors and calipers

Now time to install the new rotors, calipers, pads, hoses and brake pad sensors ( optional, if you keep it ). Bleed the calipers properly and you’re ready to install the wheels.

**The old lock nut type from the e30’s are not compatible with the hubs, you can change the nut type to the new generation for a centre locking type. But this require you to make a groove on the axles before installing them back on the car.

Install the wheels

Now the last step ! Installing the wheels in place. Yes you may need an additional 5th bolts now. The offset is the same as the 4 lugs E30’s, so the choice of the wheels may be easier.

Updates may be added at any times. Feel free to contact us for any questions !

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