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Saint-Denis de Brompton, Qc J0B 2P0 1955, Route 222
Open hours: Mon - Sat 8.00 - 17.00
Aluminum Paddock Bike

We entirely draw a mini bike on CAD. This mini bike will be used in paddock at race events for going to take a quick lunch or to make a stop to the bathroom.

This is designed to be easy to put on and drop off the trailer by hands the most easily as possible. Entirely made of aluminum, this mini bike is one of a kind! Every parts are made to not be hand made. Most of the parts can be laser cut and most of the hardware is bolt on, they are easy to find parts. We using chinese pocket bike parts like wheels, handles, brakes and rotors, we also use a kart CVT clutch kit.

The engine is a cheap 4 stroke harbor freight 212cc, from the brand Predator.

to be continued….

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1955, Route 222
Saint-Denis de Brompton, Qc J0B 2P0